A Family Restaurant

Since 1957 the Pizzeria Napoletana has remained a family restaurant. Starting with Luigi and Maria Barletta the restaurant has stood the test of time. As life changed outside, the quality ambiance stayed within; and today still going strong the Pizzeria Napoletana is run by their son Micky.

The secret family recipes from generations ago still remain, prepared with only the freshest ingredients. So much so that the pasta and bread is made fresh daily. The Pizzeria offers you, who wish to taste a flavour of Naples a chance to experience traditional Italian meals prepared as they were in Italy many years ago.

Maria (Nonna) Barletta preparing Dough
Luigi Barletta at the Pizzeria in the 60's

Above Maria (Nonna) starts early preparing the necessary ingredients to create the various types of dough for the bread, pastas and pizzas as is the routine every day at the Pizzeria.

Above Luigi from the beginning took charge of the front of the Pizzeria, looking after all its patrons; making sure their dining experience was as enjoyable as if it were his own family.

Antonio Barletta within the Pizzeria Napoletana in the 70's
Barletta Family at the Pizzeria Napoletana

A photo of the 70s, showing the next generation growing up.

A rare family photo dating back from the 60s showing 3 generations of the Barletta family dining at their own restaurant.